Snaps / Bjaesk

Snaps cover a lot in Vendsyssel. We have the bjesken, which we are proud or grateful to have.
Bjesken = spice snaps.
There can be a lot of salvage just with the wild flowers and berries that are out in the protected dune.

You can all hear more about this at Klitgaarden.

Here the experiences in the area are something unique that we like to share with you.

From churches to beach thyme, it's going to be cozy. Something for all ages.

Tincture can well be defended to be equal to an herbal schnapps. The herbal schnapps has over
time been diligently used by Vikings, monks, doctors, wise wives, witches and others. to all sorts
of soot and thirst.
Today, one can even collect and produce his own herbal schnapps for almost any ailment or species
of mood. A good picture of this is to use the clock or around the clock to show that the positive
effect of different herbal snaps on soul and body around the clock!

In short: "There is no excuse for taking a little one, but everything must be in order".

Tomorrow at 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
How about starting the day with a thyme schnapps. To soothe delicate souls, it has been used
against alcoholism, but this schnapps is strengthening against blood circulation, aching joints,
headaches, menstrual pain and good against too much wind, if the last meal may have been
onion soup.

* Remember that thyme schnapps must be made from the wild thyme leaves and flowers.

Morning at 9 a.m. to noon
Now lunch is approaching, so to whet the appetite, it is recommended to swallow a juniper
schnapps, which generally strengthens all the senses, clears the voice and not least contributes
to a healthy appetite.

* Remember that the juniper schnapps is made on the black berries from one.

Afternoon 12.00 to 18.00
At the end of the working day, it's time to drop down a bit and re-saddle in the lap of the family.
A really good way to meet a good evening is to sip a heather schnapps or a kvansnaps in it.
These two lovely herbal snaps ensure that the stress threshold is low and the body is ready for
the evening's merits, whatever these may be!

* It is recommended to use the root of kvan. The heather flowers are used for this schnapps
   and preferably the very young ones, which have not yet fully sprouted.

 Evening 18.00 to 24.00
A good book or, for that matter, spending time with your life partner at night can be combined
with a stored walnut schnapps in front of the fireplace. This wonderful snap has a stimulating,
blood-purifying effect and strengthens digestion. The walnut schnapps can advantageously last
for many years. Try it as a small avec in cognac glass for friends for coffee - most people will
probably ask about the possibility of bringing home a bit of essence.

* Take the green (unripe) walnuts and cut into quarters. Cover them with schnapps for min.
   3 months, after which the essence is ready for dilution. Remember to use rubber gloves
   when collecting, as the color from the green walnuts is difficult to wash off.

Night 24.00 to 06.00
The night is now approaching and in order to sleep really well, it can be advantageously
recommended to fill the duvet spring with yellow snarl, also called the Virgin Mary's Bed Straw,
which encourages love and protects maternity women. If sleep is to be induced quickly, a
St. John's wort will immediately surrender the enjoyer in Morpheus' protective arms.

* St. John's wort is made from buds and flowers and affects all kinds of soot, such as
   inflammation, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, nervousness, various bacteria and viruses
   as well as against insomnia.