Cycling and hiking

Cycling and trotting / hiking

Cycling holiday: 

It is incredibly nice and peaceful to move by bike either with the
help of a small electric motor or just raw muscle power. Klitgaarden
has a collaboration with Hirtshals Cykelforretning, where you can
rent all kinds of bikes from the latest electric bikes to mountain bikes.
The bikes are delivered at Klitgaarden (either 1 or 20) for
200 dkk. In addition, rent and insurance.

Klitgaarden supplies the electricity, so there is no excuse young
and old. Book here and now and have the bike ready at Klitgaarden!
We are happy to help you!

Walks in the immediate area

Klitgaarden is the perfect starting point to enjoy nature here close to
the North Sea. If you go south you hit the picturesque Lønstrup,
Mårup church, Rubjerg Knude (the lighthouse that was moved)
to end in Nr Lyngby with the stolen cliffs and possibly a walk
along the beach home.

Two widely used routes are the North Sea Trail and the West Coast
Route, where there are countless opportunities for detours.
You can always get inspiration and good advice from the host couple

Black sun / The water splash / The protected dune.

Here there is ample opportunity to make some good photo observations.
Not so far from Klitgaarden there are good birds of prey migration in
spring and autumn. In early autumn, the large flocks of starlings can
be observed forming black sun before settling in the reed forests at the
mouth of the Liver Aae. It can be you stumble across cuckoo lilies, large
parasol hat, which are good on the forehead or some rare carnivorous
plants. All in all, a fantastic breathtaking scenery. Not to mention all
the schnapps herbs that are found in large numbers.
Inside the forest there are chanterelles and Karl Johan
mushrooms good for sight and palate!